This is the About Page!

Just in case you weren't sure!

So what to put on an About Page? Well I guess an explanation of what I am trying to do here at the moment would be a good start.

I deal with lots of folks at various beginner levels of PHP and website development. From that, I see there's still a ton of outdated, badly written, bad habit forming examples people still seem to dig up and use.

And, unfortunately, that is how we all started out...It kind of makes me want to scream "Don't do that!!!" which isn't easy to do.

So just for an exercise in getting back to basics, I've created a simple kind of script which this site is running on. The intention being, to put together a list of "what to do's" and what not to do's when it comes to programming.

With the advent of all the "new stuff" that abounds these days, it's hard for most just to catch up. Even I find it difficult!

So what I am intending to do is go over how this site was built, for the purpose of demonstrating how to go about the implementation part, showing how to debug, research and work stuff out as you go along. That's probably the number one skill anyone needs to learn.

So stay tuned...

Once I figure out why my articles come out in a different order on the live site compared to my local dev site, I'll be a bit happier, but that's just one of many issues a programmer has to investigate and find a solution to.