Flying Model Planes

Posted in Dave Powers RC Course, RC Planes by Tim Brownlaw - Mar 31 2012

Youtube is great for finding stuff out on just about anything, as I soon discovered.

I was taking time out and exploring YouTube on a number of subjects. Are you ready…

There was – Self powered water pumps and yes they do exist and are brilliant things but of course there are a few catches. Then I got onto Solar Panels, Wind Generators and when I was done I somehow, magically drifted back across to Model Planes… and of course the ole RC Model plane variety.

Our First Control Line Plane

Now Flying Model Planes and I, have a bit of history. When I was a young bloke my father took myself and my brother into an elderly Model Plane Builders  shed. Well it was more like a garage… And one of his most popular planes for us youngster were the ole control line type. I can still smell the balsa wood and fuel to this day… Ahhhh!

This was one exciting place… It turns out , and for reasons unknown  ( I should ask him oneday ) my wonderful father had decided we were getting a Control Line plane, with a petrol engine and fuel and all the other good stuff. To say we were excited is an understatement ( you never forget those moments!)

Now the plane we got was rather crude and for a very good reason, it was literally indestructible ( which we later proved to be the case , many times..) The body was made of hardwood and the wing was a solid fat piece of Balsa which had some resemblance of an air foil. We nosed dived into the ground. Parked it in trees ( and yes , a slight tug and it was off and flying again ).

From memory I think the engine was an Enya 0.15 CC Glow plug affair. I’ve still got it in my collection of engines.

Now that plane had many hours of flying and of course , many hours of the best fun anyone can have at that age! The other thing was it was one of the rare times that myself and my brother worked together and never fought! We flew that thing as often as we could and back in those days, batteries and fuel were cheap.

We strapped on larger fuel tanks, even upgraded the engine at one stage. We came across a little COX engine ( one of those plastic ready to fly things  – still got that too!) and gave that a go. Starting the thing was a bit of an art… The kickback that sometimes happened was a real finger muncher if you weren’t quick enough so we evolved to using a stick – which worked great.

We tried different props and when it did come to grief and modify itself it was easily fixed. Although it was “doped” the oil from the exhaust would get in and weaken the engine mounts and the tabs on the elevator, which were all easily fixed up and modified.

Basically this plane was a brick on a string, relying on the engine to keep it off the ground, although it did glide ok when the engine stopped so landings weren’t so bad.

I nearly got the thing to loop one day… Nearly. I did a few swoops from up above and back down again to make sure the engine wasn’t going to cut out. Looked around to make sure the area was clear and took it up. Well it hung there for a brief moment and started to come down.

Now with control lines, you only have control of the plane when the lines are taught. Just imagine swinging a rock on a piece of string. So with a plane hanging nearly above my head and wanting to fall, kind of made them very loose. So I screamed to everyone “RUN” and I took off running like a mad kid until I got the lines tight. I rescued it just before the ground could leap up and hit it and ran back into the circle feeling kind of cool! Well the others were impressed…

It didn’t quite loop, but it was never designed too but that’s no reason not to have tried!

We had the bug!

We actually had two “stick” planes as we called them. And I’ve still got those to this day. I should take my boys out with them…

Next was a ribbed wing model I bought from the same gentleman and built that up. It had the ole tissue paper covering and was “doped” to make it stronger. Well that had a slight build flaw… The Tail was a little bit at the wrong angle. So instead of it wanting to fly outwards and thus keep tension on the control lines, it wanted to come to me and say hello! To make matters worse on it’s maiden flight, we were in a wooded area with “just” enough room to swing the thing around. Well after a few laps of dancing around to keep control it was landed safely and it never really was flown again after that. I’ve still got that plane too – 30 odds year later.

Years go by… My mate Wayne and I decide to build up a remote control Trainer Plane. And we bought everything. The Big Engine the Electric starter that you place on the nose cone to spin the engine… We had jobs and were single.. So money wasn’t an issue!

We built the plane – well Wayne did most of it. I financed – he built. And over one Christmas break we had the Mercedes Benzs of trainer RC Planes.

Now this is where things took a turn. We took the plane down to the local RC Club and because we had no idea on what to do, one of the flyers there offered to take it up for a spin for use to check it out. And it flew like magic and we were congratulated on building it so well! We took it home feeling rather pleased with ourselves…

Next Weekend we packed up everything and went back down the the RC Club area and no one was there… Hmm Dilemma? We looked at each other and we both had the same thought… the answer being “Hell why not!”

So I volunteered Wayne to be the pilot. He was and still is a registered pilot ( for real planes ) and so he must be able to fly it?

We cranked it up – checked the radio and made sure we had it all working and Up She Went… Things started out ok.. It took off and flew like a bought one… Then Wayne went to turn it around… Now at this stage things were looking great until the person at the Controls screamed… “I don’t know what to do!”… Well I wasn’t overly phased at that stage… But a few more seconds later seeing it nose dive further than the height of the ground changed my mind… And of course the spectacular thump, the stopping of the engine and bits of plane dancing about the air before coming to rest definitely gave me cause to think… “Now I’m sure he actually doesn’t know what he is doing…

So building a plane, is one step of the process. Once that Plane is up in the air, it’s a whole different ball game, even for a bloke that flies the real things.

We started building another, I even bought another mostly built from an air club auction along with some old gliders… Gliders… That was my next phase. When I was still single and between jobs, I went and built one. Let’s just say that I ended up warping the wing a little and it was never a contender to fly…

The Glider Phase

Oh of the ones I got from the auction. Well I got one of those air worthy. Now with gliders you need a way to launch them. The traditional way is to use a length of surgical rubber. It’s light and very stretchy and springs back nicely. I’d seen them using this down at the Glider Club I visited one day.

So I got it into my head.. “hey why not build a beast of a rubber band using lots of the bigger rubber bands and join them all up. Great Idea! So I spent the afternoon weaving my beasty glider launching rubber band. At this stage I was living with my now wife and my two step sons. Wayne comes over… Let’s try this out..

So out on the rather long driveway – I took one end and Wayne took the other and we stretched it out to see what would happen. By this time it was dusk… I made two mistakes… I was on my own at one end and everyone else was at the other end with Wayne “consorting”.  Which is what I soon discovered once I heard this whoosing sound which followed by a very large bunch of rubber band landing in my nether regions sending me to the ground laughing – while in pain – as to how stupid I was trusting them AND not having thought of doing that myself ( well I’m too nice…)

Weeks later we took everything down to my brothers farm and the boys and I got it all setup. Unfortunately it was rather windy… and it wasn’t until the last day of our stay that we decided – “stuff this – let’s just try the thing.” So off we troddled with the beasty rubber band – plane – the assistants and the onlookers.

So out in the paddock, we got ready and we launched… Up she went and even released properly… It went around – hesitated  – and decided to plummet back to earth. Which resulted in a rather mangled plane. What had happened on launch was that the battery had shifted – altering it’s center of gravity and turning it into a brick.

I had since ventured into buying one of those ready to fly cheap plastic planes… They don’t like a breeze and so they got modified by the ground.

The Whole Point is…

If you’ve never learned the ins and outs of actually building and all the do’s and dont’s and tricks  to flying a plane, you are setting yourself up for some serious heartache… or you are very lucky and get it right. In all my RC Adventures it’s been on the unlucky side. But it’s still something I’ll always want to do. I know I’ll be back out there one day soon.

A brief tale of what happens when you don’t take heed.

Just briefly back to my “control line days”… One Christmas my brother and I were up at the primary school oval doing our thing when an old class mate and his dad wondered down with their new plane. Now keep in mind that our plane was like a lump of wood with a wing – not pretty at all. The plane that they proudly presented to us was a lovely red covered single wing. It was magnificent and they had been running in the engine for over 20 hours as someone had told them too… Ok Fair enough.

My first question was… Chris – have you ever flown a control line plane. The answer was NO. Ok…Well then would you like to have a go of ours first to see how it feels…. the answer was NO! So on letting Chris and his dad know that this was an acrobatic plane and it would leap about at the slightest touch, fell on deaf ears… So my brother and I gave up trying to help and stood back to watch the inevitable!

To be honest – I’d be really nervous about flying that thing back then…

So they started it… Proud Dad took it out while Chris stood in the center with the hand line control poised and gave the signal… And then Dad let go.

Well it went UP, then it went DOWN and it got about 1/8th of a lap in distance. What was left was toothpicks… Pretty looking toothpicks at that… So Chris and his Dad scooped up their once wonderful “worked on this all holidays” stunt flyer and went home… and we never saw them again…

So back to YouTube….

I’d been watching videos on how to build planes from scratch using foam ( that’s been my next stage… ). Watching how to cut foam wings. Watching a lot of planes come to grief ( you do feel sad seeing that happen…) and I finally after many hours discovered one of the Few RC Diehards with a course on RC Flying…

Now he does recommend that you join a club and get someone to show you the ins and outs of flying… They are more than happy to help and give advice. (It’s one of those hobbies that is very social and friendly.)  It’s a skill because everything goes crazy once that plane gets into the air. It’s definitely not something you’ll just know…

Also when it comes to RC Planes there is a lot of other stuff to know. Like which model is best to learn on. What radio equipment to get. If you get into electric motor drive planes ( and you probably will ) that’s a whole new ballgame. What motors to get, what props to use what ESC to use and what an ESC is! There Gyros an coverings and Aileron mixers and other kinds of flight surface mixers…

All this information is hard to come by. Well I should state that the Correct Information is hard to come by. There is lots of it out there.

So Dave Powers of RCPowers has produced one of the most comprehensive courses covering everything to do with RC Planes, their building, flying and upkeep and repair. He’s packed his 20 years of experience into this course and also you’ll be getting a whole lot of bonuses as well.

So if you want one of the most incredible information source on RC Planes ( and not have to learn the hard way like I have…) then You can get Dave Powers Learn to Fly RC Jets Course Here ( You get the plans to all of the jets.)

For your viewing pleasure

This is called “RC Su-37 Aerobatic STUNTS “.  What I like about these “tests” is that the Model he is flying looks like a lot of fun but it has things hanging off it all over the place. Something that happens when you are testing… But it does some amazing things… Something to work towards. It’s broken up with some of Daves mates with their planes…  Now I’ve seen real jets hover at air shows… I’ve never seen a model electric one do it. It’s one complicated beast but impressive..

So Enjoy..

Now this next one is trippy. A Flying School Bus of all things. What’s amazing about this is “by day it’s a school bus…at the flick of a switch and it’s a flying school bus.” It’s just like an RC Transformer. I’d be very interested to know how he did this… Sit back and enjoy…

Now Remember that you can get Dave Powers Learn to Fly RC Jets Course Here.

NOTE: When you get to the page via the link above , after reading the Story of Bill and his struggle, simply click on the link that says…

“Click here to learn what Bill did to fly the right way and how you can too….” and you’ll be able to read more about what in is the course, what you’ll be getting and how to buy it.

In the meantime, I’ll have to get myself organised and start doing this…

Wayne Built His Own Real Plane

Oh and if you are wondering about my mate Wayne. Well he was the best man at my wedding. But he’d also built himself a house with a 3 car garage and just a few weeks back he completed his home build of a GPS4. He made every part himself and I must say it’s a bleeding fantastic plane. The only problem is  – it looks like I’m going up with him first! Now I have memories of a certain pilot of a nice shiny model plane  in a field many years ago… But I might have an “Out”… Apparently I have to loose a lil bit of weight else my side might not take off… Hmm we’ll see!

Happy Flying.


Tim Brownlaw

PS – I will get photos on here as soon as I can… I got some of Waynes GPS4  and if I visit my shed I’ll grab some of the ole beasts to show off here.

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PHP Programming Tips – 1

Posted in PHP, Thought of the day by Tim Brownlaw - Mar 24 2012

I’ve been coming across lots of PHP Scripts of late that have been written such that they “work” in the sense that they do what was intended in most cases…BUT if you have your test server set so it whinges about every single error, you get to see more than what was intended. OR if a server setting is different to the one it was developed on strange annoying things can happen.

Hosting Servers have their error level reporting set high enough to not show most “errors or warnings” that might be generated. Most errors are saved in an error log but the warnings are generally ignored… and generally ignored by new programmers.

PHP out of the box is a fairly easy language to use BUT it also has many traps. Fortunately I’ve been taught by a pretty good ( so he doesn’t get a big head) Mentor who may not know this but he had instilled some stuff that has actually stuck in my head.

So this post is really just one to cover the basics that anyone writing PHP code should be aware of.

Don’t use short PHP Tags
… I see <? being used all over the place. Don’t do it! Add on the remaining php so it’s <?php. Not all servers have short tags enabled and for the sake of a few extra keypresses… It’s not going to kill you!

The Other Short tag used is <?= instead of <?php echo. Again this isn’t guaranteed to work on all servers.

DO NOT Trust ANY user Input to the point of seeming to being excessively paranoid!
Examples are things like $_POST. If you’ve got a form that’s passing a field called name via the post method, don’t do things like

if($_POST['name']) {
// do something here

You cannot be sure $_POST[‘name’] exists. You cannot be sure $_POST['name'] contains what is expected. In this case we’d be expecting a name which is a string. DO we want to allow Numbers. DO we want to allow other kinds of characters? Usually the answer is NO!
So if you’ve decided that your name entry is to only contain alphabetic characters – test the contents to make sure that is what you are expecting. If it’s not – tell the user “Hey none of that nonsense thanks – Try again and use (a-z) (A-Z) (space) characters only.” Well maybe not a message that long but you get the idea!

Alot of frameworks will use something like the following…
$name = isset($_POST['name'])? $_POST['name']: ” ; which just checks that $_POST['name'] exists. Either way our variable $name gets assigned something instead of PHP having to guess.

Then you can perform your verification checks on the contents.

You could also use something like
$data['name'] = isset($_POST['name'])? $_POST['name']: ” ;
and create an array if that’s easier for you to process in your application.

Don’t forget those quotes!

Oh and one more thing I often see is $_POST[name] without the quotes. PHP will think that name is a constant but will GUESS it’s a field name. So always put in the quotes around any named array entry.

I could write for hours on this.. but for now, just be aware of this.

Initializing Your Variables.
PHP will issue a Warning if it sees a variable being used that hasn’t been assigned. For the most part, these get ignored as just being a pest. PHP will “guess” when it needs to and most times it might get it right but sometimes it won’t… Sounds like a source of potential bugs to me!

So if you have
$name = $_POST['name'] and $_POST['name'] doesn’t exist, PHP will guess it’s an empty ‘something’. So there’s no real way to know what $name will be! And that is why it’s safer and better practice to make it something that you’ve decided it will be. Just like we did above.

Seeing the Errors…
When you are developing or debugging a script it’s a good idea to have error reporting turned on. So you can find the issues and remove them.
One suggested way is to use the following…
<?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set(“display_errors”, 1); include(“file_with_errors.php”); ?>


As a programmer, one question you should always be asking is “What if…”


Well I’ll leave that there for now. I’ll add more to this topic later on.




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Kseniya Simonova – Sand Artist

Posted in Thought of the day by Tim Brownlaw - Mar 05 2012

My father is always sending me emails he gets from his friends about “interesting” things and one he recently sent me had me totally mesmerised.

This isn’t about drawing pictures in the sand on the beach. This is done on a lightbox and Kseniya uses this with her talents to tell stories.

Apart from her obvious drawing skills, what I find so fascinating is some of her transitions as she goes from one scene to another.

There are quite a few of her “Sand Art Stories” on Youtube and having seen quite a few of them, I’ve picked this one to give you an idea of what she does.

This is a tribute to the story of the North, with Vikings ,damsels in distress and War… There is some timelapse in this so you will see it jump ahead in places which is a little distracting but as it is, it’s over 9 minutes long.

Enjoy and check out her other videos!


To find out more about Kseniya, and there is quite a lot… you can visit her website and read her story at It’s actually quite amazing!

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There is a new course that has been released that is called “Make WordPress Easy”.

This be being touted as the best WordPress “How To” ever released and this is not  just coming from it’s Creator “Ori Bengal”.

I’ll add in Ori’s own website where he raves on about lots of stuff…

9 Year Old Haylee has taken this course and she built herself one very impressive website where she now blogs on. You can take a look at her site at Way to go Haylee!

Business Owners are using it to create or fix up someone elses efforts that they’ve already paid big dollars for.

Mums are using it to create websites for their friends. You’ll see in the video where one mum who had no experience with building a website, created one over the weekend. That’s one weekend which included taking the course and actually doing it!

Internet Marketers are using it to build their own websites.

If you have any reason to get yourself an Online Presence with a website, then you should seriously consider this.

Is it going to put Web Designers out of business?

Well the answer is NO! Why? Because there are folk who would rather just pay to get their sites done. They don’t have the time or the inclination to put in the time and effort to learn and do this. And that’s fine!

What it is going to do is create more Web Designers. By using this course to teach yourself how to create rather stunning websites will make it easy for you to get Web Design Work. Because you’ll know how to do it!

Everyday you meet someone that says…”We really need a website”… or… “Our Website sucks so bad and we’ve already spent so much on it,  what can we do?”

I’m even considering showing this to some of my website clients so they can do this for themselves. Yes I’ll be loosing money but I’m a busy lad and if I can help someone out by doing this who wants to get themself a website and Learn how to set it up and more importantly – update it – change it around to their liking… then I’m all for it.

It’s better than telling them to go somewhere else and potentially suffer the old… It costs lots and it takes forever and it’s not what we wanted…

I might even be able to throw some work at those that have taken the course for other sites if I get swamped! I’ll know they have the knowledge to do the job! The big plus for me is that I don’t have to train them!

Is it for everyone?

Well if you do need to create a website, you have two choices.

You can outsource it and that can lead to a can of worms if you don’t already know someone thats

  • capable,
  • will do the job you want and
  • not take forever doing it.

OR… you can spend ( at the time of writing ) two installments of $47 USD for a total of  $94USD and do it yourself and have your own website the way you want it to look!

Of Course Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting is extra… About $10 USD per year for a Domain Name and Hosting at around $8 a Month. Hostgator have a deal for $4.95 per month if it’s paid upfront for 12 months

Plus you’ll be able to make your own changes, how you want and when you want.

Plus you have the opportunity to create even more websites for yourself, friends or even paying clients.

The really nice thing is I’ll be picking up a few tips and tricks that I don’t know about. You never stop learning when it comes to website design and Ori has been doing this a lot longer than I have.  So getting access to his experience is going to put a feather in my cap!

Be Prepared for the Video!

The sales page for this product is one interesting Video… It s rather long, but you’ll get to see and hear the many folk from all walks of life who have used this and have had success!

It’s a very good example on how to make an interesting and factual Video presentation.

You can see it at Make WordPress Easy.

Ori on Youtube doing Standup

One of Ori’s Talents is his comedy. Here he is doing a Standup Gig somewhere…..
Is he funny? Well you be the judge

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What is the Purpose of Your Website?

Posted in Thought of the day, Websites, Writing by Tim Brownlaw - Jan 25 2012

I’ve been looking over my vast collection of websites and the question I’ve had to recently ask myself when looking at each of them is… What is the Purpose of this website?

What happens is,

  1. I come up with a “brilliant idea”.
  2. I find a good domain name and buy it.
  3. I’ll create the site and throw up “some content” on it… and then
  4. Come up with another great idea… and the cycle continues.

What results is a lot of “not very exciting” websites…

What is the Purpose of Any Website?

The Internet is the “World Repository of knowledge”. Which is a poor attempt at giving a fancy name to , what is a,  “Huge Library with information on just about everything…”!

How does that information get on the internet? It gets there by folk like you and I creating websites and putting what we know on them, that hopefully, someone will find useful.

So the Purpose of Any Website is to provide Content that the Visitor to that site will get some benefit from. Who wants to visit a website looking for a particular topic and finding either

  • Not much about it
  • Nothing related at all
  • Just a Bunch of advertising.

It’s important to Plan your Website.

So if you are going to create a website, it’s important to have a plan on what it’s going to be about.

This particular website is a place where I can talk about anything that comes to mind. Is that a good thing? Possibly not. Being a personal website with my name plastered all over it does put me “out there” in plain view of the world. So I do treat this site as a “Blog” as such in the traditional meaning of the word.

Unlike facebook, I don’t write what I had for breakfast or what my dogs and cats did that was cute or strange  ( sometimes they are the same thing ).  I post things of what I find interesting and “Reviews” on products and services which I find useful or interesting.

Which makes me think, I should be writing on here a lot more as there is a ton of stuff to write about.

Niche Sites…

But if you are creating an informational website on a subject or topic, it doe help to sit down and work out what you are gonig to write about and stick to the topic. Remember Search Engines Love Good Relevent Content.

So if your website is about “how to  <insert topic>  for left handers “, you had best stick to that topic.

So it’s important to keep in mind, everytime you get an idea and want to create a website about “it” ( it being the topic ) to rough out some plan on what you are going to put on the site.

Your Visitors will get a whole lot more benefit if you do. And that is the purpose of any website. Well they have a few actually depending upon what they are about…

  • To Inform
  • To Educate and let’s not forget
  • To Entertain.

I wonder if  I can claim fame with a new acronym, or is it an abbreviation, regarding websites. IEE, Inform , Educate and Entertain.

I think the Institute of Electrical Engineers might have a thing or three to say about that!

Anyway, one of the benefits of having a website is having a place to “write” things. Which would be amusing to my High School English teacher in my later years, as he had it in his head that I my grammer was “not very good” and getting words in the place of rightness wasn’t my strong point.

I won’t bore you with the “I also do Bad Speling aswell “. Really it’s doesn’t matter a whole lot. Well it shouldn’t be a reason not to put words to screen ( so to speak ) with the words from past English teachers haunting you!

Just Have Fun with it. When you are not having fun, go and do something else!

So back to doing some much needed programming on Project X… When that’s done, it’ll be a very good example of a Website with a Purpose!

Have a Grand One!





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This is something I hear all over the place… “Google loves WordPress”.

Simply put… It’s a very misleading statement!

Google doesn’t give one hoot if you are using WordPress or Not! It just doesn’t care!

Having a WordPress Website means diddly squat to Search Engines…

What WordPress does do…

What a WordPress Website does do is offer a format that Search Engines – like Google – do like.

It’s the Format… It’s nothing to do with WordPress…

Ok I’m probably sounding a bit pedantic ( possibly annoyingly fussy), but you can create any website with anything that follows the “rules” and have the Search Engines “love” your site just as much!

What WordPress does do is help… and I’ll say it again… help… you by giving you a platform that allows you to easily create a site that could be  “interesting” and “noteworthy” to any search engine.

So what are the “things” any website needs to have?

At the end of the day, your goal is to make it “easy” for a search engine to be able to gather as much information as it can from your website. Search Engines do not have ESP, and those, like Google, are aware of certain “tricks” some folk try to pull.

I know that while most of the search engines are automated in their “searching of sites” on the internet… don’t be so sure that there are not “real humans” also reviewing websites…

The job of the search engine ( the good ones ) is to provide, relevent, interesting and informative websites regarding the topic or subject that the “searcher” is looking for…

So all you have to do is to provide that content… There’s nothing mysterious or secret about that!

Content. Not just any ole rehashed rubbish. It must be Relevent, Interesting content. ( not something I can always claim fame to ).

A Site Title.

A Site Description.

H1 Tags in your pages Title. Just like a Document has a title…

Keywords. This is a contentious issue. Some advocate the “Stuffing” of  “keywords” ( keywords are the words or sentences that folk will type into a search engine when they are looking for something). My view is that, if you write naturally about any topic, the keywords will appear naturally.

I’m not huge on writing anything for the sake of being able to place these “treasured” keywords wrapped with junk text…

Titles in Links. These “add” information regarding the nature of the link.

Alt tags in images. Again, these add information about the image. Search Engines cant see your images or figure out what they are about. So this let’s you tell the search engines what the image is about.

Good Content. Did I mention that all ready?

Helpful pages to have… The Privacy, Terms and Conditions and Contact pages etc… These just give more credence to the site. You’ll see these at the bottom of most “good” websites. Their purpose is to give more information. On this site ( at the time of writing ) I’ve just got a Disclosure Page on this site.

So basically it’s the use of everything that you can do to assist the search engines in determining what your site, pages etc are all about. You help them and they’ll help you get found. Simple!

And WordPress makes this easier to do.

So the statement regarding WordPress and other website building scripts should be… “WordPress helps you build websites that Google will be able to figure out what your site is all about IF you do things correctly!”

Ok it’s a bit more long winded than the original statement, but it’s closer to what the actual situation is.

I’ve only touched on the basics here.

WordPress “out of the box” is missing one crucial item that you should have. The ability to add a title, descriptions and keywords for each of your posts…

So to fix that, there is a plugin called “All In One SEO” that gives you the ability to add these details.

I’ve found from experience, just how vital this one plugin is. Without it, I had ranked on page 2 of google for some keyword BUT the description google had found didn’t have anything to do whatsover with the post it had found. Yikes!!!!

So I quickly went back and found that I hadn’t filled in the fields that the “All in One SEO” plugin gives you… Once I filled those in and Google took another look, it got it right!

That’s an example of what happens when you make it Hard for Google as opposed to making it easier for Google to find out exactly what your post is actually about. Which makes everyone happy.

So there is some food for thought.







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In this post I’ll be talking about

  • The Warrior Forum
  • WarriorPlus
  • JVZoo and
  • Clickbank.


Which is a bit of a mix when related to the title of this post, but it does all tie in with what I’ll be discussing. I just thought I had better warn you!

Now I’ve been a member of the WarriorForum for a number of years ( You’ll see where I’ve posted things on there… ). It’s a great resource for anyone interested in Internet marketing, Website design and Programming stuff….I tend to jump in and answer programming related questions when and where I can offer anything sensible!

One of the “services” they provide is a Thread where you can Promote what they call “Warrior Special Offers”. These are where other Warrior Forum members that have a product or service can promote them to the other members at a reduced price to what they might be selling it for on their main websites… Hence the term “Special Offer”.

It’s a good proving ground if you are coming out with a new product and if done correctly it can be very lucrative for the Seller… But the products are primarily “Internet Marketing”  Related… It’s time that someone ( not looking at anyone…) should throw up something a little off topic… Hmmm.

Anyway, there is a service that was established called in helping these sellers, Sell their products and also gave folk the facilities to become affiliates to promote the same products and services,while handling the payments etc.

It has a big product and affiliate base and there are some really great products and offers in there…

You can register and start looking for products to promote. When you find one you like, you need to submit a request to the Vendor ( product owner ) to get approval to promote it. Which in the majority of cases you get… But you must be a registered member of the WarriorForum to participate.

The WarriorPlus system has a few too many restrictions. So a prominent member or two on the WarriorForum have come up with a twist on what’s been available to date…

There are a few other similar services in the pipeline but right now….

JVZOO Is In Town! offers features like…


You can Promote Anything from Digital to Physical Products.

You can Promote Anywhere… It’s not tied directly to the WarriorForum, but you can submit WSO’s through it. The Warrior Forum charges $40 USD per listing on the Warrior Forum Site which is a separate fee from any third party service.

It’s Free for any Sellers wishing to list their products.

Download Security… Only those that actually purchase your products can get access to them via logging into the system using their username and password.

Sales Tracking – Each purchase is tracked through JVZoo so you get to see how your promotion is progressing. This also applies to affiliates.

You don’t need a website as you can create your Sales Page  via their WYSIWYG Editor. If you do choose this option, as opposed to using your own website, you will need to upload the product(s) to JVZoo.

You can create an affiliate program for your product.

If you have JV partners involved in your product, you can split the payment ( less the affiliate commission ) between up to 3 people. So they all get their cut automatically.


To become an affiliate you need to join as one (It’s a separate Registration) and any products you wish to promote requires that you ask the Seller for permission. Which is a click of a button and a response comes back Yeah or Nay! It’s usually Yes, unless you’ve done something to upset the seller!

This gives some control to the seller on who they allow to promote their products. Which depending upon your point of view could be a good or a bad thing! If you do want to become an affiliate, you do have to go through some extra hoops. Not sure on that one yet… Time will tell .

You get paid on your First Sale and all consequent sales… Unlike Clickbank that requires that you have 5 different payment sources before you are eligible to  “cash out”.

Once you make a Sale for a particular Vendor, the buyer is tagged to you for that Vendors future products…

As an Affiliate, you get paid when anyone you refer to the system makes an affiliate sale… ( which means if you decide to join via my links and become an affiliate, I will make a small commission on any affiliate sales that you make – end of disclosure… I like to be upfront about these things! )

It’s a whopping 10 cents per sale. But if you have a few affiliates under your belt then it can add up. This is something Clickbank offered in it’s early days to help boost it’s affiliate base.

Once you are signed up as an Affiliate or Seller, you become both! So you can both Sell and Promote.

Other Nice Features

The Affiliate program side to JVZoo is separate from the Product Purchase side. So Customers are separated from Affiliates and Sellers. The reason is that anyone who purchases can access their products instantly without having to deal with all that affiliate stuff pushed upon them.

All the products that are sold are accessible from the one place.  So when someone makes a purchase, they need to login to access it and they’ll get to see everything they ever purchased and have access to it… So no more – “Oh no I lost xxxx, where did I get it from…” It’ll become “Oh I got that via JVZoo – great, I can just log in and get it again”.

JVZoo is well on it’s way to making it’s mark upon the Internet. It has definitely made the entry into selling products using affiliate marketing a whole lot easier.




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Ok all you budding or professional Graphic Designers… Here’s a very interesting Website I’ve just found…

Basically, a Client who wants a Graphic Assignment performed, posts it on the site and prepays an Amount that will go to the Creator of the Winning Design.

So unlike the outsourcing sites that work on a  Bidding system,  Each contesting Designer submits their Graphic to be considered by the client. Its a Design Contest where the Winner gets paid!

The Downside of this is, each designer has to actually put in the time to create a Submission. The Upside for everyone else is you get to see the kinds of  Designs that are created and those that win.

Which makes it a great resource for seeing what is achievable  and the kinds of things that a customer likes based upon their “Design Brief” .

It might Spark a few ideas for projects you might work on.

What Kind Of  Graphics do they work with?

Quite a few…There are

  • Logo Designs
  • Web Design
  • Business Cards
  • Icon Design
  • WordPress Themes
  • Stationary Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Print and Packaging
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Banner Ads

How does it work?

A Client Creates a Design Contest in one of the areas mentioned above, and sets a fixed price… Then the Designers come along ( it could be you! ) and submit their design concepts.  The Client can give feedback to the designers to help them create the Design they are looking for and at the end… The Client chooses the Winning Design and the Designer gets paid the Set Payment.

Now the Payments are not Shabby… It’s not like getting a Logo designed for $5 from Just as a quick guide – Logos are around the $100-500 range, Website templates are in excess of $1000. So if you are pretty handy with Graphics, see a Contest that interests you, you might win and earn a few dollars…

It seems an interesting way to get into doing commercial graphics if you are starting out.. Well it’s one of many options available to you.

If You are Someone in need of High Quality Graphics…

maybe for your New Business Website, Stationary etc, it seems a very good place to get your job done. Plus you get to work with the Designers and you have final say on what you’ll accept. For the Client, this works out much better than having to look for someone by making a bid at an Outsourcing Site where you have to Select One and hope for the best…

Anyway, It’s one of those sites I’ll be keeping in mind for any future projects or in the case where someone I know needs some work done, or if I know some Budding Graphic Designers…

If you have used this service, I’d love to hear from you about the experience you had with them ( Good Or Bad!)




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It’s not about selling, it’s about value by providing quality content.

I’ve just been watching a replay of a webinar on “Dissecting A Profitable Affiliate Website” at Curtis Andrew’s InternetIncomeAcademy which is a part of the Learning Center material you get access to as a member. It’s just one of a few webinars he’s recorded on this one subject.


Now I am a member and I do have an affiliate association with the site. Meaning that, if you do decide to join IIA via my link, I will earn a commission. But not for 7 Days as it only costs $1 for you to see this for yourself. If you decide to stay on, then I’ll earn 50% of the $27 Monthly membership Fee.


If you do join, I Strongly recommend that you check out this Webinar. It’s going to put you in a much different place in regards to what actually makes a profitable affiliate website… Unlike most of mine… Which is why I’m reporting on this…

To get there, once you register, Click on “Learning Center” then on the left hand side, under Monetization, then Click on “Affiliate Marketing“, then select the Top Entry titled “Dissecting A Profitable Affiliate Website”.

Lots of clicks to get to it, as there is lots of stuff in there… The Webinar is over 2 Hours and it’s broken up into sections. If you wonder off at any stage the system knows where you were last so you can click on the link and head straight back in ( a nice feature to add to some of my sites ).

When you get to Video 3 – Curtis goes over 10 Money making Affiliate sites , covering lots of different subjects, and he critiques them explaining what is good, what is bad and how they could be improved upon.

It is a Pen and Paper Webinar…

You will be taking notes!

And this is just ONE of the many areas of marketing Curtis covers.

There is still  the Series on Building a profitable website from Scratch to money making website called  “The Affiliate Income BluePrint”.

Curtis likes to work on his sites one at a time until he starts pulling in a nice daily income… Hmm something I think we all need to be doing…

So if you really want a true look into what makes a real profitable affiliate website, you need to join for $1 and get viewing these videos.

Then you can do the activities that Curtis Suggests in his “Getting Started Guide”. Which is something you should do as well. It’ll will open your eyes.

Making Money Online isn’t hard… What is hard is knowing what to do and then getting down to doing it AND not ripping anyone off by peddling junk…

The Link again – InternetIncomeAcadmey.

It’s time for a change!










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Spam Comments on Blogs are bad because?

Posted in Comment Spam by Tim Brownlaw - Jan 05 2012

One thing that amazes me is the number of Spam Comments that get sent to my numerous WordPress Sites.

They don’t get published automatically, so on occasion I go through them, sending most to the “Blue File” or whatever color you imagine your Trash Can to be. ( Well it helps to be a little bit visual!)

While doing this I was wondering how these little visits affect your Traffic Stats. If they are counted as a “Visit”, it will give you what looks like great traffic numbers to get all excited about, but if they are just Visits from Spamming Comment Posters, then the numbers get a little less exciting.

Is it a good thing that your site gets looked at by Spammers? No Idea… Does it boost your Alexa Rankings? Again I’ve got no real idea but I imagine that it might…Does that hurt? Umm probably not..

But something interesting happened.

Sometimes these Spammers do sound convincing, so I do give those folk my due Diligence and check them out. One of these “hmmm is it someone being real or not” comments had what looked like a kind of legit website, so I checked it out.

Turns out it’s a blogger site and the provided link of was now available. So I took it… It just also happened that I found a really nice product to promote on it. One that anyone that has a PC that runs like a turtle with it’s legs tied together would benefit from.

That includes myself and just about everyone that has a PC. It also includes a bonus Windows Optimization Guide, which is invaluable to anyone with Windows on their PC.

So by taking the time…

and looking over my Comments on my sites I actually might have stumbled upon something grand! Time will Tell!

If you do want to Post Comments on a Blog…

In No Particular Order

  1. Use a name and not something like “SpeedyRedCars” or something a little more racey  ( excuse the Pun )
  2. Have a Legitimate Website URL
  3. Actually Post a Comment that is Relevant to the Post ( call me Captain Obvious if you must ).
  4. Use a real email address, so the owner of the blog can write back to you.

Telling me how wonderful my writing is does give me a big head, but when I see that the URL is for cheap drugs or that other nonsense, you’ll hear me click “DELETE”. It’ll be fast so you’ll have to listen for it!

Some are just blatant junk… But I do appreciate the more creative ones… The Click of the Delete key is a little slower in those cases… Just after I Smile due to  it’s ingenuity  – Then it’s…Click! Gone!!!


Give this a look over at No Onelikes a Slow PC…





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