Hi, I guess some sort of introduction is in order.

Hi, my name is Tim Brownlaw and this is my wee part of the world on the internet.

Actually I have many wee parts of the world all over the place. If I come up with an idea, I buy the domain name(s) and put it on my to do list. Or as it’s becoming known as, my list of things to get done one day. Seems I need to get myself a team of like minded people to get all of my ideas up and running. Interested?

I’m a happily married, father of two strapping lads, 40 something, living in a lovely house with just enough pets to fall short of being classified as a Zoo!

What I like doing

My primary interests are in teaching the “Techy Stuff” to those wanting to listen and I’m striving to use those skills to provide myself and my family another way to earn an income.

What I’m doing now

It’s the old adage of “Do what you love doing”, but I’m not quite there in doing it Full time yet. The Day Job Demon still has a hold of me. I spent my younger days learning how to become an Electronics Engineer and “now I is one”.

Anything worth doing takes some effort. It’s a matter of discovering what that “thing” is.

So I’ve been pestering a few people who have done what I want to get done. For myself, that is earning a living online.

What I will be doing

Like most people, I have the big goal of getting my dream house, the dream car etc, but all that will come with my being able to help out others and have the time to do it. So in the short term, get the house paid off and have enough to live on to go full time and then build my business like crazy. Nothing too different to a lot of others, and hopefully yourself. The thing is, it can be done!

The goal for 2011 is to be earning $500 A Day. Which might sound a lot, but it is achievable.

What this site is about

So stick around, have a read. I’m going to be using this website as my main launching pad for all of my other ventures which I hope prove to be useful to you.

I’ll also be talking alot about how to get the best out of what’s available on the Internet in regards to programs, resources and more importantly, Mentors!

Tools, services and strategies are great things to have. On their own they are just – “Things”.

If you don’t have someone there to help you use them to achieve what you want, then they are pretty useless.

All the best

Tim Brownlaw

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