There is a new course that has been released that is called “Make WordPress Easy”. This be being touted as the best WordPress “How To” ever released and this is notĀ  just coming from it’s Creator “Ori Bengal”. I’ll add in Ori’s own website where he raves on about lots of stuff… 9 Year Old […]

Promoting Products with Landing Pages on your blog

Posted in Blogging, Marketing by Tim Brownlaw - Dec 26 2011

I’ve just found a new WordPress Plugin called KeywordsToWebsites created by Mark Wielgus. Now Mark is a programmer that has brought his experience into creating this Plugin and he’s done a very nice job. Plugins like this abound on the Internet. Most times they are “thought” up by someone who then gets someone else to […]

This is one of those programs I’ve seen over time but never paid much attention too it! Isn’t that always the case? Who Says Traffic Exchanges Don’t Work? Anyway I was surfing some of my favourite Traffic Exchanges to get some points up for another campaign I’ve started doing some promotion on forĀ  a nice […]

I Used to Hate Marketing

Posted in Marketing, Thought of the day by Tim Brownlaw - Jan 30 2011

I really did, the simple thought of it made me cringe. I’ve been formerly trained as an electronics engineer and went down that path because of my love to design and build things. Which includes software and hardware and I still enjoy it but now I am contracting, if I take a day off, I […]

Why would you buy from a Review Page

Posted in Marketing, Thought of the day by Tim Brownlaw - Jul 09 2010

In other words, if you were searching for a solution to some problem you have, and the majority of us have the problem of not being rich enough to quit our jobs, and found a website reviewing a product or service, why would you buy from that persons link? The Dangers of Writing Reviews. Now […]

I just had to try out the Web hosting that’s included in the InternetIncomeAcademy members area. What I had to do. Register a domain name – I already have a bunch of them gathering dust so I chose Change the Nameserver Settings as indicated in the IIA members area for the hosting. Entered in […]

Note: The prices stated in this post are for the 1st 500 Members as this is a new program. So you can lock in the special discount offer. Now I could start out by saying – It’s only $1 for the 1st 7 Days then it’s only $27 USD per month from then on….. but […]

Review of MailChimp

Posted in Autoresponders, Forums, Marketing by Tim Brownlaw - Jun 26 2010

Review of MailChimp One of the topics that has arisen in TrafficLeads2Income is that of Free Autoresponder services… You can read what I posted there at RobsNetworkers Forum . MailChimp is a Autoresponder Service that offers a Free Account giving you a 500 Subscriber Limit and a 3000 Email sends per Month, So if you […]

TrafficLeads2Income – Update #2

Posted in Marketing by Tim Brownlaw - Jun 14 2010

Hold the Press, I’ve gone and made a Squeeze Page! I’ve been attending the majority of Conferences Rob Gehring holds on a weekly basis come rain, hail or shine , that’s Rob being consistent as he’s a stickler for giving support. And I also haunt the Skype Group and in both of those I keep […]

A funny thing happened to me on the way to my Inbox… Well actually it happened when I got to my inbox and read this email regarding Mike Filsaime giving away the source code to his ButterFly Marketing Script. First of all disbelief struck me. After all Mike’s been selling this script for sometime now […]

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