PHP Programming Tips – 1

Posted in PHP, Thought of the day by Tim Brownlaw - Mar 24 2012

I’ve been coming across lots of PHP Scripts of late that have been written such that they “work” in the sense that they do what was intended in most cases…BUT if you have your test server set so it whinges about every single error, you get to see more than what was intended. OR if […]

Kseniya Simonova – Sand Artist

Posted in Thought of the day by Tim Brownlaw - Mar 05 2012

My father is always sending me emails he gets from his friends about “interesting” things and one he recently sent me had me totally mesmerised. This isn’t about drawing pictures in the sand on the beach. This is done on a lightbox and Kseniya uses this with her talents to tell stories. Apart from her […]

There is a new course that has been released that is called “Make WordPress Easy”. This be being touted as the best WordPress “How To” ever released and this is not  just coming from it’s Creator “Ori Bengal”. I’ll add in Ori’s own website where he raves on about lots of stuff… 9 Year Old […]

What is the Purpose of Your Website?

Posted in Thought of the day, Websites, Writing by Tim Brownlaw - Jan 25 2012

I’ve been looking over my vast collection of websites and the question I’ve had to recently ask myself when looking at each of them is… What is the Purpose of this website? What happens is, I come up with a “brilliant idea”. I find a good domain name and buy it. I’ll create the site […]

This is something I hear all over the place… “Google loves WordPress”. Simply put… It’s a very misleading statement! Google doesn’t give one hoot if you are using WordPress or Not! It just doesn’t care! Having a WordPress Website means diddly squat to Search Engines… What WordPress does do… What a WordPress Website does do […]

Keywordstowebsites Landing Page

Posted in Thought of the day by Tim Brownlaw - Dec 26 2011

No Need for Separate Plugins, This ONE Plugin does it all! Turn Your Website into An Affiliate Product Candy Store! Simply Paste your Keywords Into This WordPress Plugin and Instantly Create a Complete Website Where You Can… Instantly Promote Affiliate Products FROM…. Amazon,Ebay,,Adsense, Shopzilla and Clickbank Instantly Create Content From YouTube, Twitter, Bing Search, […]

Alex Jeffreys Online Marketing Coach

Posted in Thought of the day by Tim Brownlaw - Dec 11 2011

Lets time travel… way way back to 23rd Nov 2008. Yes, that’s a major nose bleed kind of time travel. I had purchased Alex Jeffreys -  Marketing With You course for, what wasn’t a small amount, but at todays prices it was an absolute steal. Now what follows is more like a Shame File, or […]

ListWire Reviewed

Posted in Autoresponders, Thought of the day by Tim Brownlaw - Dec 08 2011

Listwire is a quality Free Autoresponder Service

One way to learn things – Part 1

Posted in Thought of the day by Tim Brownlaw - Apr 25 2011

If you find yourself needing to learn something, here’s a tip on how to help speed things along. Teach it to someone else! And you might think, “Umm yeah, but I don’t  know what to teach yet!!!” Well you know the subject so how about writing it down. You can open up your MS Word […]

I Used to Hate Marketing

Posted in Marketing, Thought of the day by Tim Brownlaw - Jan 30 2011

I really did, the simple thought of it made me cringe. I’ve been formerly trained as an electronics engineer and went down that path because of my love to design and build things. Which includes software and hardware and I still enjoy it but now I am contracting, if I take a day off, I […]

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