There is a new course that has been released that is called “Make WordPress Easy”. This be being touted as the best WordPress “How To” ever released and this is not  just coming from it’s Creator “Ori Bengal”. I’ll add in Ori’s own website where he raves on about lots of stuff… 9 Year Old […]

What is the Purpose of Your Website?

Posted in Thought of the day, Websites, Writing by Tim Brownlaw - Jan 25 2012

I’ve been looking over my vast collection of websites and the question I’ve had to recently ask myself when looking at each of them is… What is the Purpose of this website? What happens is, I come up with a “brilliant idea”. I find a good domain name and buy it. I’ll create the site […]

I joined GDI!

Posted in Websites by Tim Brownlaw - Mar 09 2011

And you might be asking Why? [Update] – I’ve ditched GDI. It’s not a serious marketing tool and while you can build downlines with it and earn a buck a member, I cant see it being a long term thing. You end up discovering Hostgator for $9 per month for unlimited sites, domain names for […]

FreeMonthlyWebsites – Reviewed

Posted in Websites by Tim Brownlaw - Mar 04 2011

FreeMonthlyWebsites is a  Service you can join and receive a Free Website on a Profitable Niche each Month. The websites themselves come complete with an Admin Area that steps you through the various actions you need to complete the installation. There is “on page” help provided and overall it is quite a nice setup. It […]

The Things You Find Online

Posted in A New Site, Thought of the day, Websites by Tim Brownlaw - Jan 26 2011

Here’s another project I’m working on after one of those moments where I “put down the keyboard” and let the brain have a rest, then it always wonders off to somewhere. So after a little brainstorming or daydreaming, I came up with this phrase “The Things You Find Online” , more like an exclamation than […]

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