There is a new course that has been released that is called “Make WordPress Easy”. This be being touted as the best WordPress “How To” ever released and this is not  just coming from it’s Creator “Ori Bengal”. I’ll add in Ori’s own website where he raves on about lots of stuff… 9 Year Old […]

This is something I hear all over the place… “Google loves WordPress”. Simply put… It’s a very misleading statement! Google doesn’t give one hoot if you are using WordPress or Not! It just doesn’t care! Having a WordPress Website means diddly squat to Search Engines… What WordPress does do… What a WordPress Website does do […]

Ok all you budding or professional Graphic Designers… Here’s a very interesting Website I’ve just found… Basically, a Client who wants a Graphic Assignment performed, posts it on the site and prepays an Amount that will go to the Creator of the Winning Design. So unlike the outsourcing sites that work on a  Bidding […]

A Great WP Plugin – Broken Link Checker

Posted in plugins by Tim Brownlaw - Jul 02 2011

I’ve just been doing some research on Link related Plugins for WordPress and came across this little champion! It’s called “Broken Link Checker “. Why is it so great? It’s free and installable direct from your WP Dashboard. Just go to the plugins section and look for “Broken link checker” and install and activate it. […]

The problem with the Internet is that there is way too much Information out there. Why is that a Problem? Well mainly because, you have to know what information you are looking for and it’s also very disorganized and can be really hard to find. Plus there is that, huge, possible distraction of finding that […]

A story about WordPress 3.0

Posted in plugins, Thought of the day, Wordpress by Tim Brownlaw - Jun 23 2010

This is a story about WordPress 3, that had me head scratching till a little after 3 [am that is, EST Time...] ( sing that to the theme of the Beverly Hillbillies, it’s fun, I promise!) I’ll be hearing banjos playing all night now! Ok so what inspired that moment of madness, well I’ve been […]

WordPress Tutorials

Posted in ToDO, Wordpress by Tim Brownlaw - Dec 29 2009

WordPress  has come a long way over the years. It’s now at the point where it’s simple to knock up a website in a matter of moments, literally. It sure beats my old templating system I developed and teach in my classes. Well the templating system is a  good introduction to using PHP at least […]

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