There is a new course that has been released that is called “Make WordPress Easy”.

This be being touted as the best WordPress “How To” ever released and this is not  just coming from it’s Creator “Ori Bengal”.

I’ll add in Ori’s own website where he raves on about lots of stuff…

9 Year Old Haylee has taken this course and she built herself one very impressive website where she now blogs on. You can take a look at her site at Way to go Haylee!

Business Owners are using it to create or fix up someone elses efforts that they’ve already paid big dollars for.

Mums are using it to create websites for their friends. You’ll see in the video where one mum who had no experience with building a website, created one over the weekend. That’s one weekend which included taking the course and actually doing it!

Internet Marketers are using it to build their own websites.

If you have any reason to get yourself an Online Presence with a website, then you should seriously consider this.

Is it going to put Web Designers out of business?

Well the answer is NO! Why? Because there are folk who would rather just pay to get their sites done. They don’t have the time or the inclination to put in the time and effort to learn and do this. And that’s fine!

What it is going to do is create more Web Designers. By using this course to teach yourself how to create rather stunning websites will make it easy for you to get Web Design Work. Because you’ll know how to do it!

Everyday you meet someone that says…”We really need a website”… or… “Our Website sucks so bad and we’ve already spent so much on it,  what can we do?”

I’m even considering showing this to some of my website clients so they can do this for themselves. Yes I’ll be loosing money but I’m a busy lad and if I can help someone out by doing this who wants to get themself a website and Learn how to set it up and more importantly – update it – change it around to their liking… then I’m all for it.

It’s better than telling them to go somewhere else and potentially suffer the old… It costs lots and it takes forever and it’s not what we wanted…

I might even be able to throw some work at those that have taken the course for other sites if I get swamped! I’ll know they have the knowledge to do the job! The big plus for me is that I don’t have to train them!

Is it for everyone?

Well if you do need to create a website, you have two choices.

You can outsource it and that can lead to a can of worms if you don’t already know someone thats

  • capable,
  • will do the job you want and
  • not take forever doing it.

OR… you can spend ( at the time of writing ) two installments of $47 USD for a total of  $94USD and do it yourself and have your own website the way you want it to look!

Of Course Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting is extra… About $10 USD per year for a Domain Name and Hosting at around $8 a Month. Hostgator have a deal for $4.95 per month if it’s paid upfront for 12 months

Plus you’ll be able to make your own changes, how you want and when you want.

Plus you have the opportunity to create even more websites for yourself, friends or even paying clients.

The really nice thing is I’ll be picking up a few tips and tricks that I don’t know about. You never stop learning when it comes to website design and Ori has been doing this a lot longer than I have.  So getting access to his experience is going to put a feather in my cap!

Be Prepared for the Video!

The sales page for this product is one interesting Video… It s rather long, but you’ll get to see and hear the many folk from all walks of life who have used this and have had success!

It’s a very good example on how to make an interesting and factual Video presentation.

You can see it at Make WordPress Easy.

Ori on Youtube doing Standup

One of Ori’s Talents is his comedy. Here he is doing a Standup Gig somewhere…..
Is he funny? Well you be the judge

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