I’ve written many posts on Curtis and his membership site – InternetIncomeAcademy so I’ll try to not repeat myself.

The Main thing about IIA ( InternetIncomeAcadmey ) is that it has definitely got everything in the way of information and resources but that’s not going to be of much help on it’s own.

What makes IIA a “winner” is due to Curtis and the attention he gives to us, his members. His knowledge on everything you need to be a successful marketer is up there with the best. “Having” and “Learning” how to use tools is one thing, getting yourself in the right mindset is another. This is where I think, Curtis excels in and what makes him one of the best amongst the few that make him a “must have’ mentor.

Get the right people on your team

With Curtis on your team, you’ll be in a good place. But there is no sitting back and feeling warm and fuzzy that you’ve “learned” something. It’s a “I’ll show you all the steps and You have to do the work”. If you don’t implement what you are shown, then it like going to the movies, getting a thrill and forgetting all about it.

This not what IIA is about and for it to work for you, you need to do the work and implement what you’ve been shown. Even create your own ideas. What you learn should start the ole brain ticking on using this information in other ways…

The other thing I want to point out is that it’s a relaxing, friendly site and the community is very helpful and supportive.¬† There’s no “Rah Rah” Hype (one thing I cannot stand).

To date, I’ve never been in a membership site like this where the owner responds to any forum, or blog or community posts as quickly and frequently as Curtis does. So you can be pretty sure if you have a question, he’ll answer it and answer it in a very understandable way.

Which is why I love his videos because he assumes nothing, making his video modules highly understandable for anyone at any level of experience. That is a quality that is very important to me also.

So the InternetIncomeAcademy is definitely a place I’ll send anyone to, to have a look at if they are interested in learning to earn on the Internet.

Low Introductory Special

There is a $1, 7 Day trial so you can get a feel if Curtis is a good fit for you.

Personally, I can relate very easily with Curtis. He’s down to earth, straight forward and tells it like it is. And I think most people relate to him, which is important.

He has built the IIA platform with a lot of thought for the end user. It’s easy to navigate, there are many modules covering just about everything and a lot of it is very “step by step” and the system remembers where you are upto, so when you come back you won’t be scratching your head.

And if you want to get more details on something, or want something that’s not on the site, you can request it and the members vote on it and the ones at the top will be answered¬† ( usually with Video or two ) by Curtis.

As I’ve already mentioned, it’s a very community based system. You’ll feel more than welcome, so if you’ve ever been a little nervous about writing a blog post or asking a question on the forum, you’ll learn how to do that, knowing you’ll be guided and not harassed by idiots.

So if you want to learn how to do something on the Internet in the way of earning a few extra dollars, or just want to get a handle on making websites for fun. This is one of the places I highly recommend.

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