In this post I’ll be talking about

  • The Warrior Forum
  • WarriorPlus
  • JVZoo and
  • Clickbank.


Which is a bit of a mix when related to the title of this post, but it does all tie in with what I’ll be discussing. I just thought I had better warn you!

Now I’ve been a member of the WarriorForum for a number of years ( You’ll see where I’ve posted things on there… ). It’s a great resource for anyone interested in Internet marketing, Website design and Programming stuff….I tend to jump in and answer programming related questions when and where I can offer anything sensible!

One of the “services” they provide is a Thread where you can Promote what they call “Warrior Special Offers”. These are where other Warrior Forum members that have a product or service can promote them to the other members at a reduced price to what they might be selling it for on their main websites… Hence the term “Special Offer”.

It’s a good proving ground if you are coming out with a new product and if done correctly it can be very lucrative for the Seller… But the products are primarily “Internet Marketing”  Related… It’s time that someone ( not looking at anyone…) should throw up something a little off topic… Hmmm.

Anyway, there is a service that was established called in helping these sellers, Sell their products and also gave folk the facilities to become affiliates to promote the same products and services,while handling the payments etc.

It has a big product and affiliate base and there are some really great products and offers in there…

You can register and start looking for products to promote. When you find one you like, you need to submit a request to the Vendor ( product owner ) to get approval to promote it. Which in the majority of cases you get… But you must be a registered member of the WarriorForum to participate.

The WarriorPlus system has a few too many restrictions. So a prominent member or two on the WarriorForum have come up with a twist on what’s been available to date…

There are a few other similar services in the pipeline but right now….

JVZOO Is In Town! offers features like…


You can Promote Anything from Digital to Physical Products.

You can Promote Anywhere… It’s not tied directly to the WarriorForum, but you can submit WSO’s through it. The Warrior Forum charges $40 USD per listing on the Warrior Forum Site which is a separate fee from any third party service.

It’s Free for any Sellers wishing to list their products.

Download Security… Only those that actually purchase your products can get access to them via logging into the system using their username and password.

Sales Tracking – Each purchase is tracked through JVZoo so you get to see how your promotion is progressing. This also applies to affiliates.

You don’t need a website as you can create your Sales Page  via their WYSIWYG Editor. If you do choose this option, as opposed to using your own website, you will need to upload the product(s) to JVZoo.

You can create an affiliate program for your product.

If you have JV partners involved in your product, you can split the payment ( less the affiliate commission ) between up to 3 people. So they all get their cut automatically.


To become an affiliate you need to join as one (It’s a separate Registration) and any products you wish to promote requires that you ask the Seller for permission. Which is a click of a button and a response comes back Yeah or Nay! It’s usually Yes, unless you’ve done something to upset the seller!

This gives some control to the seller on who they allow to promote their products. Which depending upon your point of view could be a good or a bad thing! If you do want to become an affiliate, you do have to go through some extra hoops. Not sure on that one yet… Time will tell .

You get paid on your First Sale and all consequent sales… Unlike Clickbank that requires that you have 5 different payment sources before you are eligible to  “cash out”.

Once you make a Sale for a particular Vendor, the buyer is tagged to you for that Vendors future products…

As an Affiliate, you get paid when anyone you refer to the system makes an affiliate sale… ( which means if you decide to join via my links and become an affiliate, I will make a small commission on any affiliate sales that you make – end of disclosure… I like to be upfront about these things! )

It’s a whopping 10 cents per sale. But if you have a few affiliates under your belt then it can add up. This is something Clickbank offered in it’s early days to help boost it’s affiliate base.

Once you are signed up as an Affiliate or Seller, you become both! So you can both Sell and Promote.

Other Nice Features

The Affiliate program side to JVZoo is separate from the Product Purchase side. So Customers are separated from Affiliates and Sellers. The reason is that anyone who purchases can access their products instantly without having to deal with all that affiliate stuff pushed upon them.

All the products that are sold are accessible from the one place.  So when someone makes a purchase, they need to login to access it and they’ll get to see everything they ever purchased and have access to it… So no more – “Oh no I lost xxxx, where did I get it from…” It’ll become “Oh I got that via JVZoo – great, I can just log in and get it again”.

JVZoo is well on it’s way to making it’s mark upon the Internet. It has definitely made the entry into selling products using affiliate marketing a whole lot easier.




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