My father is always sending me emails he gets from his friends about “interesting” things and one he recently sent me had me totally mesmerised.

This isn’t about drawing pictures in the sand on the beach. This is done on a lightbox and Kseniya uses this with her talents to tell stories.

Apart from her obvious drawing skills, what I find so fascinating is some of her transitions as she goes from one scene to another.

There are quite a few of her “Sand Art Stories” on Youtube and having seen quite a few of them, I’ve picked this one to give you an idea of what she does.

This is a tribute to the story of┬áthe North, with Vikings ,damsels in distress and War… There is some timelapse in this so you will see it jump ahead in places which is a little distracting but as it is, it’s over 9 minutes long.

Enjoy and check out her other videos!


To find out more about Kseniya, and there is quite a lot… you can visit her website and read her story at It’s actually quite amazing!

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