If you are after sound business advice, then Rich Schefren is the guy to speak to.

He advises companies such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and many other high profile companies. They seek his advice due to his different outlook on marketing and it produces huge results for these companies. If his advice didn’t work, they wouldn’t pay him the thousands of dollars they happily pay him.

Rich also advises a number of high profile, successful Internet Marketers. The reason they are successful? Because they get their advice from Rich.

The Mike Filsaimes, the Alex Jeffreys and many others have sky rocketed their business into multi million dollar businesses because they sought Rich’s advice.

Now getting advice from Rich may be a little out of your reach price wise. He demands the kind of fees that you and I ( at the moment ) cannot really afford.

Strategic Profits – Founders Club

Rich was once a struggling Internet marketer, even after having already established two very successful offline businesses. He got suckered into the same garbage we all do. But he took note of why he wasn’t living the Online Dream when he had succeeded in the Offline World.

So he went through a “self analysis” looking at his strengths and how he could leverage those. His weaknesses, and how he could rectify those, and how he could put the results into something profitable.

He realized what his talents were so he became a marketing coach. Of course there is much more to the story than that. But after having sat down and figured out what he needed to do, he shared the same techniques with 25 others and the results were mind blowing.

I won’t quote the actual results here because I’m sure you’ll think “Yeah right!” But I know I would have loved to have been one of those 25.

Out of that, Rich, along with his business mentor ( yeah even Rich has Mentors…) he created his company “Strategic Profits“. This is his platform where he can give his advice to anyone that wants it.

The Founders Club

The Founders Club is Rich’s “affordable” membership. In the club, you get access to a large number of reports, webinars and audios. And its always being added to. You get sent out a new report every two months in the mail, which are also available in the Founders Club members area.

Is it just more information?

Well yes, it is, but it’s like nothing you’ll see from anyone else. Mike Filsaime and Alex Jeffreys definitely show you signs they’re using Rich’s teachings in teaching others. But why not go to the source?

Rich writes in a , and I’ll say, confronting manner only because he gets right into the crux of the reasons why you haven’t “made it” yet and how you can use those reasons to turn thing s around.

His insights into people is amazing. I say that because of a report I recently received in the mail, that Rich had poured his heart into regarding his observations on what makes people successful and what doesn’t. And it struck a huge note in myself. It was my wakeup call.

So it’s a process of getting everything you need to hear but maybe not like too much – to begin with anyway. And building, from the ground up, everything you need to succeed.

Will Rich make you Rich?

The simple answer is NO! Only you can do that!

But with Rich’s guidance and your own efforts implementing what he teaches, you will be in a much better position to get to where you want to get to. You do know where that is – don’t you?

That’s one of the exercises you’ll be doing.

Everything Rich has done to get to where he is today and what he’s shown to many others that have used his advice and succeeded, he shares with you.

So why not give yourself a winning edge? Learn from the guy that teaches success and put it to use so You can be the person who will  build  your own successful business.

Are you Ready?

Peronally, I’ve been a member of Rich’s Founders club since it started. That’s over 18 months ago. What did I do? I read the reports, which means I looked at them and that’s all I did and very rarely visited the members area, and was about to quit it. All because I never really saw what was there. I had my blinkers on.  What a huge mistake!!!!

But it’s a mistake, and one that in retrospect probably means  I wasn’t ready. I know I am now.

The question is – are you ready?

Here is the best way you can find out!

Rich has a very special offer on at the moment where you can access a number of reports and videos,which are also  available to all existing Founder Members, for next to nothing. So you can see for yourself before committing to anything. What could be fairer than that!

To New Beginnings and a Bright Future
Tim Brownlaw

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