I’ve been looking over my vast collection of websites and the question I’ve had to recently ask myself when looking at each of them is… What is the Purpose of this website?

What happens is,

  1. I come up with a “brilliant idea”.
  2. I find a good domain name and buy it.
  3. I’ll create the site and throw up “some content” on it… and then
  4. Come up with another great idea… and the cycle continues.

What results is a lot of “not very exciting” websites…

What is the Purpose of Any Website?

The Internet is the “World Repository of knowledge”. Which is a poor attempt at giving a fancy name to , what is a,  “Huge Library with information on just about everything…”!

How does that information get on the internet? It gets there by folk like you and I creating websites and putting what we know on them, that hopefully, someone will find useful.

So the Purpose of Any Website is to provide Content that the Visitor to that site will get some benefit from. Who wants to visit a website looking for a particular topic and finding either

  • Not much about it
  • Nothing related at all
  • Just a Bunch of advertising.

It’s important to Plan your Website.

So if you are going to create a website, it’s important to have a plan on what it’s going to be about.

This particular website is a place where I can talk about anything that comes to mind. Is that a good thing? Possibly not. Being a personal website with my name plastered all over it does put me “out there” in plain view of the world. So I do treat this site as a “Blog” as such in the traditional meaning of the word.

Unlike facebook, I don’t write what I had for breakfast or what my dogs and cats did that was cute or strange  ( sometimes they are the same thing ).  I post things of what I find interesting and “Reviews” on products and services which I find useful or interesting.

Which makes me think, I should be writing on here a lot more as there is a ton of stuff to write about.

Niche Sites…

But if you are creating an informational website on a subject or topic, it doe help to sit down and work out what you are gonig to write about and stick to the topic. Remember Search Engines Love Good Relevent Content.

So if your website is about “how to  <insert topic>  for left handers “, you had best stick to that topic.

So it’s important to keep in mind, everytime you get an idea and want to create a website about “it” ( it being the topic ) to rough out some plan on what you are going to put on the site.

Your Visitors will get a whole lot more benefit if you do. And that is the purpose of any website. Well they have a few actually depending upon what they are about…

  • To Inform
  • To Educate and let’s not forget
  • To Entertain.

I wonder if  I can claim fame with a new acronym, or is it an abbreviation, regarding websites. IEE, Inform , Educate and Entertain.

I think the Institute of Electrical Engineers might have a thing or three to say about that!

Anyway, one of the benefits of having a website is having a place to “write” things. Which would be amusing to my High School English teacher in my later years, as he had it in his head that I my grammer was “not very good” and getting words in the place of rightness wasn’t my strong point.

I won’t bore you with the “I also do Bad Speling aswell “. Really it’s doesn’t matter a whole lot. Well it shouldn’t be a reason not to put words to screen ( so to speak ) with the words from past English teachers haunting you!

Just Have Fun with it. When you are not having fun, go and do something else!

So back to doing some much needed programming on Project X… When that’s done, it’ll be a very good example of a Website with a Purpose!

Have a Grand One!





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