Ok all you budding or professional Graphic Designers… Here’s a very interesting Website I’ve just found…


Basically, a Client who wants a Graphic Assignment performed, posts it on the site and prepays an Amount that will go to the Creator of the Winning Design.

So unlike the outsourcing sites that work on a  Bidding system,  Each contesting Designer submits their Graphic to be considered by the client. Its a Design Contest where the Winner gets paid!

The Downside of this is, each designer has to actually put in the time to create a Submission. The Upside for everyone else is you get to see the kinds of  Designs that are created and those that win.

Which makes it a great resource for seeing what is achievable  and the kinds of things that a customer likes based upon their “Design Brief” .

It might Spark a few ideas for projects you might work on.

What Kind Of  Graphics do they work with?

Quite a few…There are

  • Logo Designs
  • Web Design
  • Business Cards
  • Icon Design
  • WordPress Themes
  • Stationary Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Print and Packaging
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Banner Ads

How does it work?

A Client Creates a Design Contest in one of the areas mentioned above, and sets a fixed price… Then the Designers come along ( it could be you! ) and submit their design concepts.  The Client can give feedback to the designers to help them create the Design they are looking for and at the end… The Client chooses the Winning Design and the Designer gets paid the Set Payment.

Now the Payments are not Shabby… It’s not like getting a Logo designed for $5 from fiverr.com. Just as a quick guide – Logos are around the $100-500 range, Website templates are in excess of $1000. So if you are pretty handy with Graphics, see a Contest that interests you, you might win and earn a few dollars…

It seems an interesting way to get into doing commercial graphics if you are starting out.. Well it’s one of many options available to you.

If You are Someone in need of High Quality Graphics…

maybe for your New Business Website, Stationary etc, it seems a very good place to get your job done. Plus you get to work with the Designers and you have final say on what you’ll accept. For the Client, this works out much better than having to look for someone by making a bid at an Outsourcing Site where you have to Select One and hope for the best…

Anyway, It’s one of those sites I’ll be keeping in mind for any future projects or in the case where someone I know needs some work done, or if I know some Budding Graphic Designers…

If you have used this service, I’d love to hear from you about the experience you had with them ( Good Or Bad!)




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