How To Learn

Teach yourself how to learn!

Right, now this one of my most biggest, largest "things" a person can have and of course I have got a strong opinion on it mainly due to my own disability at time, where I can be reading something and it goes in one eye and out the other...

And I must add one other thing... If you do ever get the chance to speak to me, well I'll warn you now. You'll often hear me say, I don't remember a thing (the majority of the time this is True!), BUT I do know how to go and find out! And that is something I think is very important.

So on those few opening words, lets look into this a bit more.

Now I often see people on many forums, and yes, I hang out around on those programming type forums, trying to help those struggling along to come up with some magic script or whatever. And I notice there are two kinds of people... Those that just want to be given the answers... Which I shall refer to as the Copy and Pasters and if what they Copy and paste dont work, the copy and paste it into a forum basically demanding that someone fix it for them.

I sometimes help those people and a few of those are even thankful. You know what the rest are...

The Second kind are those that are upfront thankful, show they have some actual interest in getting somewhere, instead of doing something for their homework... and those folks I have all the available time I have in the world for...

And over the years you finally click onto a few things... And here's one golden nugget. If you can or try to actually teach someone something, you end up teaching yourself.

So you actually learn more by teaching someone, and that can be just a simple as explaining something to someone and by saying it, things start to happen in your head, and what you may have started out with evolves in to a new realisation or "finding". Here's the other kicker... When someone asks you a question... Then you really have to think.

Now you may not know the answer... but you know how to find it, right?

When I am doing my thing and I decide that I need to do X, my immediate reaction is. Well I can't be Robinson Crusoe on this, someone has had to have done this before, so let's go and Google it.

When it comes to Google, well that can be fun! It's kind of an art, to phrase some questions to get the answers you are after. And they may not be the Copy and Paste kind of answers... Sorry all you copy and pasters... But there might be a spark of an idea on how to solve and issue.

In other words, you get a better understanding on how to approach something, so then you can start trying out things.

And why don't people just try out stuff? Well it's only because they haven't been taught how to... So in my little area of "problem solving" I'm really wanting to formulate something that I can give to someone as a basis for getting their heads in the right place and give them the mental tools to learn.

And look, while I might be sounding like I am saying, don't ever ask questions... That is a very important to do... That is the ole "A Second pair of eyeballs" over anything has been proven time and time again, to detect and solve something in moments that have caused you hours, and in some cases, days of frustration.

Even if you are a pig headed "I am going to work this out or die" kind of person... if something is taken you more than an hour or two on something you know is simple... then ask someone!